Angels of Twilight

It happens when the sun comes down Growing dimmer the garish light The darkness comes and all around Drowns in velvet embrace of night I hear your voice in the still whisper of the caressing wind, so high I see your eyes in a magic mirror The mirror of the moonlit sky My soul flies in a fairytale Far from reality away I wish I were asleep forever And heard the music that muse plays Last candle now is gone out and darkness slowly dies away Grey horizon is getting scarlet New day begins and I awake In my dream I can kiss you again in my dream I hold your hand in mine In my dream you have come to stay In my dream you are my bride My time is over, The sun has risen I've got to return in my black hole to look at the delightful angels Who are the kings of the daylight world For them I'm a rat, just one of those Who crawls underneath their feet But I adore the heavenly muse Who's casted a glamour over me I am bewitched by angels splendour I wish I were dancing with her I have no wings because who was born To crawl, can't fly, It is the law Alas! I'll never be an angel! I'm the creature of the night My destiny's to hide in shadows and to admire from aside In my dream you reach out for my hand In my dream you turn away from the light In my dream you stand on the blissful ground In my dream you are my wife The proud angels of the light You do not even suspect Whensoever twilight comes The rat you saw- becomes a bat! So stay with me my only love We'll fly away fly through the night You'll feel the power in your wings I'm the dark angel nighttime prince Forget the light and all your friends You will belong to the darkest side Do not look back do not regret You'll be my queen so fly with me You will fly in a silvery light that the moon sends from the sky Do you want to regain the sunlight? Feel the power of the night! In my world for you the moon does shine In my world you'll know the real love In my world we'll fly beneath the stars In my world you;ll be forever mine
93 1 год