She's got a sly key, that's for me but Upon a sky so far away from lying earth I'm lost. I can't imagine what's worse than To hide from you, i want so few things I just want nobody fucks me, Nobody calls me. Don't you know how? wow Just allow me never see you all around. Anybody’s never understand me but they can get out. There’s no strength more, you’ll fuck me with your law That’s so I'd lay down and wait for What’s the use of worrying if I don't get a glory so What a foul waterfall Well it is not meant that I haven't love her I don’t want they talk about, nobody, no more I know the words are lies. Do you know why? That garbage flies across my mind. Why are you never using the fight, guys? Love gonna be pain, there's no another way, you have to live your life What makes you think that life has some secret lots? What a crap thoughts? What a crap thoughts? What a crap thoughts? Tend to your own affairs Give up! This task is a hard case. Life has as much sense as my dumb text I feel this strong jerks, move on to the next one bar, Hey man let’s go To the next hole yeyeyeyeyeye There’s no reason yeyeye There’s no really reason no Go to pee poo pee poo poo pee poo poo pee poo Sounds good to me, that’s a reason Why this text goes on. Look! It’s not a Friend’s tenth season you don’t need pop corn Ow what a really strange stuff? I don’t get wrath, I’d show my side but that’s rough. It is dangerous to change their point of view On life. Angels destroy the sky They wanna have a chance to deny. Do you know why? But upon a sky so far away from lying eyes am I? Quite! Thoughts has died. Brain shut down at the beginning of the Life and flew somewhere so high
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