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Пропил поэт вином французским Талант на склоне лысых лет. Теперь он носит брюки узкие. Да вот ни слова утром, ни пол-слова на обед. Это все обо мне.:) В последние годы в основном пишу музыку к текстам некоторых талантливейших поэтов. Как сюда попасть


Did you chase once On complete power of speed? Did you press on the gas With power which you lead? You’re rushing along Through away problems, You don’t care anything And all that prove blames. You’re sliding on speed For think of the mind, You are glowing by glint And it is so fine. You can hear that your engine Is working so low, You’re moving by highway At route no wrote law. You have a private Talking with car. No one hinders to you From world you are far. It’s unloading of mind There are no anywhere. It is good if you find And if you were there. If it accompany music, It will be some better. Come time – you must stop, But it will be some later. And while you still move On maximum speed With music so loud And music so lead. The music is rhythmical, There are sounds so much, The car merges with road You too part are such. When I am stopping My soul become fences, I’m changing myself And I don’t care sentence.
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