Viktor Kosmachev Viktor Kosmachev 
Экспериментальная электронная музыка в стилях: Techno, Industrial, Trance. Все треки залиты в макс качестве - mp3 320/48, качайте - доступ открыт! т.к. флеш плеер сильно снижает качество звука... Как сюда попасть


Is it doomsday? Do you wanna play? Is it the end A little crazy game? Yeah... this is the end The end of the world Do you like a zombie? Have they ever told? About this end? The mayans said About the end You're able to send Your ID to our net You'll be alive This isn't the end Just life My sensitive friend Yeah... It isn't the end The end of the world You made your own zombie But I had told you Give up!!! hobby playing in games
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