Это интернациональный музыкальный проект, впитавший в себя всю философию человечества, и пронизанный нитями различных музыкальных жанров, как сама жизнь. Как сюда попасть

«Опера априори»: Ришафор/Гущян/Ланг... 25.03.2017 19:00 Москва, Римско-католический кафедральный собор на Малой Грузинской

Park Live: System Of A Down, Three ... 05.07.2017 17:30 Москва, Арена ЦСКА


Now I ask you to leave Cause I wanted to give Everything that I had But it ended so sad You smiled when I made jokes Two worst fans of The Strokes We’ve been center of Earth To rewind and immerse Your heart beating and mine Marched in desert aligned Through the fortune and fame After snowfall comes rain You decided to leave Cause I failed to give Anything that I had Will it end so sad? Never thought it was true All these methods I knew Stupid stories of love There’s someone above One big fault and mistake But the world says, ‘Okay’ Hardly changed, easily told Crash and burn, and reload Stay by me, don’t leave Begging you to forgive Found more than we had I love you, don’t be mad
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