"The One (inspired by Paris)"

We all made mistakes being embarrassed We’ve all fallen down with disgrace And someone is walking through Paris The previous life to erase I’ve never believed in those feelings That stun me and drive me insane Sometimes words just lose its meanings And we are two lovers again You asked me about my future And stories now passing away I hope our love is thing mutual I hope you want it to say Since I’ve never happened to show you How much you’ve brought into my world I’m trying at least just to hold you Because you’re the One, oh girl Forgive me my silence and shyness They won’t tell you how I care My dreams all turn into nightmares When I don’t find you there I’m crazy about your smile I’m crazy about your scent Forever in love with your bio Cause I can be found in that We all made mistakes being embarrassed We’ve fallen down not long ago There’s something romantic in Paris Convincing of things that we know
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