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Автор и исполнитель Сергей Ставроград в содружестве с разными музыкантами. Как сюда попасть

Сергей ЖИЛИН и "Фонограф-джаз-бэнд"... 13.02.2017 19:00 Москва, Московский международный Дом музыки

Blossoms 28.01.2017 20:00 Москва, YotaSpace

Saving my hope

I go through the season of decline, I simply have to overcome this season. And everything will come in time, ‘Cause everything has its own reason. I know train of love again delayed, You promise me to come, but not tomorrow, I hope that you will – I have to wait, ‘Cause looking at your smile erases my sorrow! Refrain: Saving my hope No matter what Saving my hope In this weird world Saving my hope ‘Cause you love does call Saving my hope I can change it all! There is no chance for miracle like that. They say it’s outside of any reasons, The message of your smile that has been sent Says me again it’s time to change the seasons!
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