T-Sergii T-Sergii 
T-Sergii это-смесь чиллаута и нью эйдж сдобренного легким брейкбитом,это-Взрывной микс хауса с ароматом электронной классики,это-Просто знакомые всем ноты закрученые в совершенно непредсказуемые аранжировки.Это то что мы слушали когда то очень д Как сюда попасть

Why (Angel or man)- english ver.

She was an ordinary girl, And he was angel. Love her, he down From heaven… They were together For a long, long time, But he had to return Back to the sky! Her words now only one: "Why? Why? Why?" Now, looking up To the sky... She blames herself, But it does not know What an angel she was always near, He protects her and take care About her... Her words are all the same: "Why? Why? Why?" She was sad for a long time And the sky cursed, But he loves her, And because… She was an ordinary girl, And he was angel. But because he loved her, Descending from the sky again And I stayed with her, After becoming a man ...
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