Open your eyes and take a look around There`s nothing real for you to found Glam culture took the power from your hand And gone away your last biggest fan You`re sitting calm, just checking strings Now cannot spread your mental wings The glory`s dead, there is no doubt It`ll be no use to scream up loud You`ve taken lots – all crashed to dust Black ashes covered things at last Sad face is dead inside for real Life left no happiness to feel The god and devil turned the backs on you And left no chance to go this through White cocaine upon the table You know to take just more you are unable Dark, warm, familiar hyper space Strange deadly color covers face The moonlight`s crawling in the street You`re taking trip just not to bleed Where is your girl? where is your band? Knife trembles slow in master’s hand In hate with life, in love with death With scars in heart you`re getting bad A dirty stranger in the mirror, How can he be a perfect hero? Forgotten slave of holy love Ain`t got no chance to be as tough Steel touches wrist, lets river flow Drops falling down, soul`s got to go.
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