The Vampire

I wish that I was like an angel With shining nimbus across my head I wish that I was innocent and fragile With heaven`s power in my hand I wish that I was blind and special And never known the lure in spells I wish that I was bending down and mashing Under the society machine But I`m a creep that`s serving darkness That brings the havoc to the hearts I`m not the saint, I`m bringing wildness My wings are black and fangs are white I`m never forcing, I`m in sadness But they are hunting for my fuck I`m lurking feelings and eyes` blackness But people like to watch my glance Nobody loves me, always wanting Nobody needs me when I`m there Nothing is real in lists of searching That I have written in my head But I believe that light will shine up In the infernal pits of soul And the hell`s wisdom will just go down Under the pressure of the love.
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