Marginal life

Something is happening around Somebody`s hungry like a hound Some people got the love in chest Someone is searching for the best One bitch just feels herself depressed One sinner`s thinking he is blessed One bookworm calls for revolution One womanizer`s having a pollution --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I`m not a child, the life is wild The hardened will is not so mild But I`m sending the S.O.S. My way is not a mess When will the dream just come true? Changing emptiness for happiness for me and you --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Somebody tells me what to do Somebody thinks that we`re the crew Someone just phones me in the night Someone now makes me feel alright The world is going round and round So I`ve been searching. What I`ve found? I thought the things would never change Now I got new things to arrange I walked a lot of lonely miles Looking at the satisfied smiles Breaking chains of the society Through tyranny of the normality Standing on my world`s roof Know now I`m the bulletproof Looking for new adventure Sneaker eyes just look straight at ya Will you bring me the new fun? Or will I prefer to run? Will you please return the love? Or will I be another glove? I`m not tired, but I`m still alive The emptiness cuts like a knife Starting the new beginning In another dead end keep on winning
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