Waving The Wings

Heaven’s full of stars, planets and comets I was not the one who you ever met I call upon the power from the mighty sky I wanna get my powers that I could fly high But you’ll never call me, call me back, my dear While I fly away, I will feel my fear Men’re afraid of flying, they need to calm down If you’re not an angel, you may fall down And I’m waving my wings Not to let me fall down To let me change wrong things To let me calm down That I could fly away from this cruel world Which is so dangerous Which is so cold Our roads are blooming with the swamps of gold Everything of here has been already sold Bayous of the rivers, shores of the seas I beg you, my angel, standing on the knees In dreams I loathe my comfortable flight I’ll wake up next morning and begin to fight Fight with my nightmares that ever I could fly I know it’s dangerous but I will try
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