The Light From Heart

Man: I wake up and see the sky, It is grey, there is my way. My loved soul discovered lie, From your ghost I feel the frost. Near my deathbed coffin stay, It’ll be my that night, I pray. Yesterday was love, and now In my soul is cry of crow. Sharp blade of knife I put on vein: One cut – and life Is free of sin. And light from heart Then would be shine, And your black art Will make all heaven mines. You went out last night in dark: In the sky I’d see a spark – It was you with devil’s wings. Demons were that night like kings. Maiden: I am vampire from my birth, But for me your love is first. Death between us is the line, That can brake by only sign – By the light from your loved heart. If you wished me took not part In this Day of Devil’s night, I should do all in my might. But you didn’t say a word,– And that night you was a third Man, who saw me in the sky, Others two in midnight die. But I feel you will be next, I hear prophet reeds the text That you’d write in that last night. Now your light from heart is white. Kissed your firmly clenched mouth I’m fall down on floor in house – On your brow is bloody cross, He kill me, for me it’s worst. Now I know that I was wrong, Light from your loved heart is strong. I should bite your neck last day, When you asked for, if I may. I am dead, I near you Like ghost-soul, for me it new. World around’s dark like night, Only heart is shining bright. Man: Blood from vein pour on floor, I am wont to live no more. Sign in sky – my love’s been died. Have not pain from tears of rain – That wish will come true with death, When you love vampire princess. Both: And light from heart Will be a guard Of our feel, It will be deal Between the Heaven And the Hell. In soul of raven – Nightingale.
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