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Living in the dark cell of emotions

Have you ever feel that you are left? There is no one near besides the death. Feelings of that everything is cleft Stops your heart and freezes your breath Living in the dark cell of emotions Delusions prevail over me Living in the dark cell of emotions - The reign of insane dreams Then another wave… Then you understand… You're a stray… You lost your way… Lost in blackest dell… Under unlit shell… Living in the cell… And the darkness comes again Suicide thoughts are filling your mind If someone remember your name? What if suns never rise? You're not so strong to fight with shadows That cover the lost way out They'll never leave you and never allow You to rise up from the slough Living in the dark cell… Someone sometimes opens the door And brings a piece of light But it always disappear in less than no Less than no time, brief moment of life Living in the dark cell…
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