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No Idea
Verse I. I'm dangling from the hook, you know, Spitting out the air so slow and slow Expecting for what do you know? Red and white spots are all around me Red and white..rotten walls… Red and white…just thoughts. Chorus. Do you wanna add something? Bury me in water, where fishes can slowly guzzle my eyes. On no, don't soil your hands, I have no lungs, you said. Do you wanna add something? Oh my eyes. Verse II. I'm lying on the floor, you know, wrapped in my self-spewed guts. Just one look in a mirror makes me sick like a sigh. These spots so scare me, they talk to me every day and night. They ask me to stay away, away from the hands, stretching towards me from the walls. Stay away. Just stay away. And somebody said I belong to this corner. Stay away. Just stay away. And somebody calls me, but it is not my name. I’ll stay here forever.