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Demos 2012
Here I am Or is it me? Throwing words Like the bricks Off the wall Hands are thrill, Eyes are flicker. Did you know A tale ‘bout mouse has grown With his style and chords on fingerboard? I tell you it was me, who lost To the ground. It’s all about easy me Or you Easy me Or you Easy me We could be so similar What we did inside? We can have some difference you never kill I hate people lying I hear the mountain’s cryin’ But the most important thing that’s My Heart is Italio Rage me now, What are you waiting for? Looks like a spider love, That you please. You hate me at one glance. You know that I’m not the same So go and try explain easy me. Or You Easy me Or You Easy me Is it all? All you wished to do? All you want? All you had to say? I was sure you want some more, You want some more, And God bless you for being lucky…