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Ex-friend (polnij variant) I remember All our times we spent together I remember We wanted it to be forever And all our dreams to live in London You put them down While he was hanging around You put them down So they will never come they will never come true No this song is not about love Mother fucking love It is about friend My best friend My ex-best friend How could it happened? I didn’t hate you You left me disappointed I know I made mistakes But I’d never meant to hurt you And you betrayed me 3 times I closed my eyes Forgave you twice But three it was too much Was it because of boys Or maybe it was envy But envious of what? I know you even hated me You put me in a cage You cornered me , left me in chains That was my blame That was my blame I knew I would be fine someday But bitter taste will always stay This fucking bitter taste Reminds me of good days Reminds me that it could be better If I was self-restrained And you – more open-hearted It could be better then But we were who we were There could not be another end Oh my friend My best friend My ex-best friend Anyway it would happened anyway Girls can’t be friends Someone somewhere told me They are too egoistic ‘I am the best and you are bitch without ‘the’ ‘cos I’m with it’ And empty soul Just empty soul And nothing more Silence inside Nothing to say Nothing to think Nothing to hide