I'm the one
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I'm the one. I remember that mighty day Then the winter mustered one's strenght Everything is hide in vain hope to survive And all of my feelings were ready to die But something is happen It looks like bright light Fairy's are coming to rescue my life My soul is start singing the Deum of God And nature is echoed that prayer for that: "Keep moving hard way on the road of God It's very important to do holy job. Our thoughts will be with you In hardly instant". Blessed smile is start playing on my haggard face And there was a feeling what's on her place Black shroud is slipped from my worn out eyes And terrible cramp is stopped pressing my lungs I think what's I dreaming, it's can't be a real But sign in a heaven is make my mind clear I see a small angel, that singing for me So then I belief that there is nothing to fear My soul will be saved the good inside me Oblivion will pass me because I am the one Who can to feel Darkness inside everyone.