Days in, Days out
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Альтернативный рок
Paint the picture of the boring days that pass us by Growing sick and tired of them Thinking of the faces that i left behind Seems i have forgotten who i am So obvious rhymes They filled up my head Trying to deceive me Not to be upset Another senseless Sunday Another boring Wednesday Another painful Friday They all got me going mad Twilight days outside my window and inside of my apartment The grim that’s glued to my lips and my face Starting to forget about everything what previously art meant To me. Think i’ve lost the human race To be or not to? Is there (a) sense or two? Could there be a reason Just to go on to Another mournful Tuesday It’s blue and thoughtless Monday Another stupid Thursday They all got me feeling blue Days in and days out They’re all i’ve got this time Sucked in and spit out Just like a tasteless lime.