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Эстрадная музыка, Шансон
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Music Stamatis Spanoudakis - Rainy Dusk At Bospurus
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стихи Ирины Фетисовой (Мullerson)
Lena Maack
мыслящим стереотипами(а таких , увы большинство) делать на моей страничке нечего-резко, но честно.До моих, не побоюсь этого слова, эксклюзивных исполнений им нужно "дорасти")))
And where were I, and my mind, and my senses? They should have been warn me of danger before Which came from the smile of your eyes and your lips, The eyes of a man who had captured my heart In the silence of stars, which are not even born; The lips of a man, who could kiss me to death, Which knows of times that would never return I missed every warning I were ever sent Why did not I listen to a thousands birds Which sang only for us, as they didn?t before… Why haven’t I listen to the chimes of the wind, Which whispered to flowers, gently and warmly: "I know the future of those who were spelled By air that poisoned with sparkles of love" Love gave you my heart to be slowly burned, Your power takes me away from this world, And if I am talking of stars - then of those Which live in the eyes of the man whom I love… Today or tomorrow or a thousand years Will pass as a smile, which is faster than dream, Like wonder of love, from your lips to my heart...