Great Man
4:55 9 0 1 год
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Эльдар Сайфулин, Наиль Нургалиев, Артём Филатов, Илья Молчанов, Анатолий Банатовский
Автор музыки
Илья Молчанов
Автор текста
Наиль Нургалиев
Fish over the Moon
Great Man
Make me command you Don’t say that I’m not Right! Dry your pitiful tears Shut your mouth again Pain! Close your opened wounds Pour them a constant fear Blood! Suffer ! Stay alone Die in creeping myth Slave! Just a big lie !.. a big lie !.. a big lie !.. a big lie !.. Feeling the freedom wind Choose your own regrets Do! Find your friends today Union in perspective way Change! Do the best advice Prevent me from life Kill… me! Pay for matter of your ambitions Hear voices of millions souls Take good and strong decisions All this shit makes you a great man Trust me ! Leave me up ! {x2} Hate me ! Break me down ! {x2} Independence is a hard wish Man without limits should be brave… Your rights not a b-day gift Be ready to take them Stand strong and walk our own way…