All Solve Money
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Рэп, Хип-хоп
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Nikita Slen
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Nikita Slen
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Nikita Slen
Nikita Slen
Трек поётся о том что делается с людьми у который много денег
История создания
Больно отношение людей к деньгам!
Black Thursday
All solve money I did not believe in the fairy tale Since the age of five to nine But ten I realized everything solve money Money whores bitches business and more business It is not a party maker Shaker Shaker is fucking money If you're a beggar then go suck u nigga I'm so rich that I can buy a beach I buy Eminem reading rap and dancing striptease I buy a thousand and one bitch I'm so rich that I buy the pink Lamborghini bitches I'm so rich that buy gold bracelets bitches I'm so rich that buy diamonds bitches Can I order naked Nicki Minaj which dances striptease But don't forget everything solve money nigga Me to pussies that you talk about money nigga YouTube Mutub I all cocoa on them nigga nigga nigga Yes nigger nigger nigger Yes I am very angry means me too sits Romance I bought my anger good nejtralee for big money I go on the street and shaking my its one hundred metre dick You fucking dull most terrible pig What you said about the money that they are bad I just like Chris Brown fight for their wealth Of course I've got the same forty-four beznesov Yes Of course I've got the same forty-four swirls Yes Of course I have same in Rabah forty-four nigga Yes Of course I've got the same forty-four enemy Yes