You're Never Too Old To Play In The Leaves
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Авторская песня, Инди-рок
You're never too ol' to play in the leaves 1 If we knew where the paths are leadin', When the bridges thro' rivers would be built We would never have wounds that are bleedin' An' our hearts would healed. If we knew how much words don't matter But the aid for a troubled anxious one, E'en sweet an' soft smiles would be better Than tranquilly be gone. Ref If it seems you've been too near so many times Have another try avoidin' alibies, Take a look inside omittin' the disguise, Just know how you gonna say hello To a brand-new meanin' for the simple things An' to leaves' gold that appears from the green, Move the curtain, get the signs before unseen, Get free outa your misery. Bridge 1 But I'm never, never, never gonna trick on you As you wanted me to, Leave your past, past, past habits in the dusk, Though it's uphill try to trust. 2 If you have a strong thought when thinkin' Fortune turns round to you to give a smile, Even an adamant might seem kinky: It's both tough an' fragile. Give me reasons to not be happy, I will laugh it away cause it's quite easy to choose. Even though your teardrops don't stop drippin' It doesn't mean that you lose. Ref repeats Bridge 2 You're never too ol' to play in the leaves, To dance in the sun, to do simple things. You're never too ol' to laugh like a child, To sing with the wind, to be strong an' mild. Bridge 1 Ref