Just Like Her
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Роман Т.
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Роман Т.
Praecox Feeling
You're the southern star Of October street You are the heiress Of the fallen queen You have got her name You have seen her fate Similar to yours It is just like that You are just like her Singing just like her Laughing just like her Tricking just like her You have got her shine Intonations cold You have got her charm And the voice of gold Mesmerizing eyes Laying hearts like bricks You have got her sign Number 26 Luring me like her Using me like her Leashing me like her Spurning me like her Used to be her friend Then you parted ways Tell me if you can Fill her empty place As the years pass by Your influence's grown Don't you abdicate Come and take your throne Don't you be like her Don't you act like her Don't mistake like her Don't end up like her