I Wanna Be A Backstreet
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Britney и Чих-пых
Мы записали нашу первую собственную англоязычную песню "I Wanna Be A Backstreet". Песня, по нашему мнению, получилась самой лучшей из нашего репертуара.
Chih-pyh's home studio
Girl you are my emotion I love you with devotion You know how we are tight But still you make me cry Cause lately I have noticed I see all of your motives That dead jerks on the posters Interest you more than me alive I'd like to play in a boys band too Then they will make me all tattooed And any girl would be a toy I want to be a backstreet boy I want to look upon you Pretend that I ignore you Pretend that I have a lot of yous No matter what's the truth Don't need to look for fans To tell them who I am Cause everyone I guess Will gladly kiss my ass I want to marry Britney Spears No matter what a bitch she is Yes all my life would be a joy I want to be a backstreet boy And when I'm over forty When they start saying I am dotty Ill leave my favourite boys band Well it is never late to mend I'll make my own project And say that I've grown up To make a mental music No one will say that I'm fucked up My purse will show my videos And I will never feel a loss And I will never feel like coy I wanna be a backstreet boy