Let's love!
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(c) Gurchenko Viktor/Charlotte Alexander
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Viki_G home studio & Live records studio.
Let’s Love Verse 1 Monday we shout Tuesday we’re left without Wednesday, we cry Thursday we get high Bridge Here comes Friday and everything’s okay Yeah it’s a day when you’ll get your own way And a day when I don’t care what you say Chorus So let’s love, don’t waste our time Yeah love, cos love aint a crime And if you set it free You’ll be up in heaven singing with me Verse 2 Weekends we love Talking to the skies above You and me, we try But Sunday seems to fly Bridge Re-start the week and everyone’s the same No time to love, all caught up in the game A game and I don’t even know your name Final Chorus But let’s love, don’t try to fight Yeah love, cos you know its right And if you feel love tonight You’ll be up in heaven all night with me So let’s love, let’s love, yeah let’s just love Lyrics by Charlotte Alexander © Comingouttheotherside 2005