02-The kiss on the vein
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Under The Full Moon's Face (Demo)
FULLMOON'S INSIGNIA - The kiss on the vein Evening kept the silent beauty and repose The sun turned red and bleeding fell asleep The sky got black and covered me with hopelessness And night came out from trees to hear the forest's weep The last ray of the sunlight fell to the ground Despersing in calm of the growing profound Dewing with stars the sky was so close And with black funeral pall the darkness rose Deep to the wub it took me like a son I met it like a mother, in it I was drowned With the sounds of silence, and filled with the void It ruled over the ghosts and the shadows I joined Whispers rose up and suddenly swirling mist appeared The dance of nightmares meanly barred my way The fog and darkness changed into Queen of night and fears She smiled and came to me. That night I was her prey It was cold in her arms but so calmly and quiet And the thoughts full of grief melt away from my mind I was glad and I knew that she came just to kill I was ready to die and obey to her will I was charmed by the glitter in eyes of decease And felt pleasure and pain of her bloody kiss Like a flame was her tongue, like seas were her eyes Like the bless of salvation was her magic bite Agony raged, body trembled in pain Of the coldest embrace and the kiss on the vein In the music of dreadful but wonderful breath My heart stopped and I fell into arms of the death