04-In love with a dream - Epilogue
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Withering hope (Demo)
In love with a dream Epilogue Again at the face of sorrow bitter tears fell from his useless eyes But no longer hollow the desire to paint woke inside With the saddest gladness he embraced the forgotten waist of the brush Breathing in with pleasure the fragrant paint and the smell of his former arts In the blackest darkness, following only fading whispers of heart With no chance to see it he created the fairy world in his art And the splendid colors were so bright and so fine like they were alive Drown in the last picture of his love, of his dream and of his delight He created the place of dreams Were he fell in her tender arms All this time she was waiting him In this land made of love and hopes And he held her alluring arms And he looked into bewitching eyes In the music of beating hearts Where eternity never dies He moved the brush over the canvas with hand And the picture he drew was the place where they have met