Girls Love Girls Most
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Just a vulgar and humorous song. It about great number of lesbian girls all around us. I’m not a sexist or something in that way, but when girls like girls most than guys it isn’t right. I understand that it is their choice and so on but now it just a fashion. Especially young 16-18 age girls are lesbians. They just don’t know what they want, or afraid of loosing their virginity. They afraid of relations with guys ‘cause they have difference, especially in physical way. This girls just don’t sure about themselves, about how they look and so on. I very like music in this song, it clean pop-punk I think, especially bass-guitar parts between the verses. Sometimes when I read lyric for that song I became ashamed, but it just joke-song, not more.
Sad Love, Hard Sex And Stupid War
Old Descendents Records
Girls like to play Each, every day Girls play with girls They love girls most She sucks her off By tongue, then stuff She used to fuck Stuff used to stuck Her stuff is big More that my dick I used to cry And fuck a guy New century Get girl can’t we It’s lack of girls They love girls most