Slavery as a Sentence
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"Burn to Hate"
Sehr Gut
Slavery as a sentence When cringing you deprive yourself of your right to life, You sign a sentence for yourself To be humiliated What respect you may have from other people, If you do not respect yourself, And if you like a dog throw your only life to master’s hands. You may be thrown a bone as a response, Or maybe the cane will strike your neck, And you will have to bear this, Because you have already suffrage nowhere. There’s an instinct living in people- The right is that one, who is stronger, And those who have given themselves up, And those rubbing off their knees Just to gain master’s favor Like blind brutes that are not able to see Anything and to grasp with their minds Are treated like the material for experiments Or the heap of excrements. All around will be kicking the fallen, They will beat completely the one, who has grown weak, And they won’t even pay attention that you are a man. You have an everlasting seal on you, Even your eyes look downtrodden, Like the eyes of the beast chased after, But the hunters have one concern: To get satisfaction by shooting you Or by putting a collar on you to get a slave That can carry out any order.