U R the 1
3:36 27 1 11 лет
Bridge: Even damfool came this time For so lonely dairy’s cry Take your own footsteps in mind You’ll be pregnant I’ll be kind Feel sad… Verse 1: U’re alone and there’s nobody near U’ve got blood on the wall and drink only beer The life is over and your child is dead Neighbor’s eating meat and you are sad are sad.. Chorus: All best friends are in the south But you have your guitar and cigarette in your mouth Seat alone for only silence At the sky the sun is shining Nothing doing u’r alone And you’ll be sorry when i’m gone Watch TV forever a day They understand and go away Verse 2: All in all my pleasures have just begun All in all my friends are suns of a gun You’re alone and you’re having fun Everyone’s bastard you are the 1 the 1