Nu Ways
3:20 65 0 12 лет
Альтернативный метал/Ню-метал
World's on fire You'll take a look, you'll see the truth. You will see all the lies, the vanity of hopeless tries And you will see your life. Take it easy, You'll surely die, all gods will die. Nothing to believe in, there is nothing to pay for. Expect the flooding hate. But you're the one who'll break it That's right, this can be real. The pressure took all feelings, The last, the closing deal. But no one sees your passion And no one hears your words You'll sqeeze through life like a movie Still lying in this dirt. As you try you get nothing No one hears and no one wants to You can catch it, you can miss it, And society doesn't listen. Nothing brings you to the top They don't want Always dive, always try to win No way of making it. Don't cry, as it has happened, It's not your common view Shit always move ascending But ways are always new.