Always The Same
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Pre-studio record.
Another Road (deep demo)
Verse 1: I don't know. I guess I'm one of those, who's rambling tonight, Through the world of the streets, through the rays of the light. Every face on the way disappears in the dark. Street after street. Spark after spark. In the world of my delusions I am watching the skies. I am looking for stars I have seen in her eyes. Every sound in my head is another one shot. Finish me off. You know, I won't be the one, that I'm not... Verse 2: Anyhow you couldn't know me, knowing only my name. Not the way that I was, not the way that I am. I'll be blaming myself for another one crime. Day after day. Time after time. Every night I hear the voices. I can hear how they shout. They are asking to stop, they are crying this out. I'll forget everything that is cleaving my heart. Wish to retain - it's just a straight way to lose what you've got. Chorus: Now you can believe, that your heart is a flame, Burning, till you're playing the game. Yeah, you can discover, you're whispering her name. Still the end is always the same.