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Chaos Me
6:25 35 0 15 лет
Unknown Way
Chaos me When I was stayed in castle of my single At his walls - rules of passion, passion still The voice of no-name man Who knew another land Are opening my eyes, reality my killed He say that secret lies in human soul, She damned-alive by peoples system world And now I still alone My silent castle - home But my help is child of Chaos-Lord Way - My feet is burning Stay or walk - my calling To the true, what I will see Words of my illusion I am on line of loser My voice is scream: 0! Chaos me... The head is split by a role of the man You are closed in a labyrinth own fear The Fear to something lose Or punishment a muse Muse of men guilting all your primal fear Refuse all that you have in world Pure will never will die from sword The Cane in your right hand Ahead new perfect land, It country of chaos not mastered still!