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I'm Home
5:58 35 1 11 лет
Freezing Fire Of Northland
I'm Home (Die Bastards!) All those years of wandering, silly searches and tricks Life's been kicking me hard - I survived all the kicks There were times I was hungry, cold like hell and alone Out of work, with no money, sick and longing for home. With my heart full of Metal and my soul full of Hate I've been walking my way passing traps of my fate. Dirty lies and true friendship were the things I have met. Like a hammer they forged me, so I'll never regret. All my enemies now - Begone! Those who waited for me - Come forth! I have stepped on my way To the North! I'm home... Soon the landscapes of North I'll embrace with my eyes And my soul will fly free and my sorrow will die. And my face will be caressed by winds and by snow And I don't think I'll hide happy tears that will flow... I'll again be as strong and as calm as the hills And the roads of the North meet my feet and my wheels All those bastards who wanted me dead and spread lies Better hide your fat asses or get ready to die! To my old friends - my greetings And hailz! Our brotherhood's thing That remains! We are true metalheads Of the North - All together as one - Come forth! Gods of war in my fists And my heart, Hey, my rivals, I'll tear you Apart! I am home and I'm wild As a beast - I'm unleashed!!! Die Bastards!!!