Tomorrow (Demo)
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Медленная неторопливая песня, обволакивающая слушателя тьмой... Песня уходит корнями к таким группам, как Lacrimosa и Sisters of Mercy...
История создания
Текст был целиком написан Fernando, в ранний период творчества... Претерпел несколько реинкарнаций...
Tomorrow (с) When your mind is clear You can see this fear You know this is true And this true is cruel One day is a brick In one big brick wall And you building this wall Not to see how it’s falls When new live begins Forget your lost past Feel the flame in your heart Let him shine on your path When you watch into future You can see there yourself But you can fear your next day That you will spend with your death Tomorrow gives one day to live Tomorrow let to see for a blind Tomorrow heals your deepest wound Tomorrow makes you feel this life X2 One coming day Will give a chance Choose what to do In this short years Some kill would did The child will be born One man will die For this fallen world And than you’ll ask Your main question What will be change? And why it was made? This days changes our shadow future This days makes something to teach us This is rising us for something high And make us falling to the ground This begin the war for peace This days makes fall many tears This makes us to fight for nothing And noting gives for our lives This is make to grow the woods This is make to rise the sun This is make us to see this changes That lead us all by unknown path Tomorrow takes one day from live Tomorrow takes someone from mind Tomorrow leaves deep cuts on you Tomorrow guides the death to you X4