Ancient Town's Mystery
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Music & lyrics by Michael Star Feive
Words Of Prophecy
Ancient Town's Mystery ---------------------- Making long long way To the ancient town Under stingin rays Of the eastern sun You can meet no look You can hear no sound But how long it took To complete the round This time It wouldn't be a crime There's a high stone wall And the gates of steel You can see it all From the top of the hill By the end of day When the sun goes down As the legend says You'll approach the town And then It wouldn't be the end Under magic brew Petrifying spells There're standing two Mighty sentinels In a plain loud voice They will ask you why And you'll have no choice But to tell the lie If you Are going still to come thru' They will let you in With their faces stout But it doesn't mean They will let you out They will shut the gates As you stepped inside Ancient town that waits For your soul to hide Within Its medieval dream Then you'll see the house In the middle of town Empty windows drowse With their shutters down You'll ascend the porch To the oaken door With electric torch You will stop before the dark... Strange, yeah it's really strange Stepping closely to the edge Now it's late your mind to change Soon you will understand With the gesture of my hand That it's not to be the end I'm glad to meet you here On crossroads of the years And since you came to me I'm gonna make you see Dim light of magic eye Shows you every dream of mine While you stand beyond the line Here's the future and the past Here old mysteries are cast On my will into the dust Arising from the ground They're creeping all around When heavy night falls down On to the ancient town