Life will last
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When darkness is clotting around, You can't open your eyes, you, pathetic clown. Ain't you abjectly whine, ain't you run too fast To catch you'll die but life will last? Conclusion is near and you quiver with it 'Cause there's nothing major you can admit. Your spring, your summer and your fall have pass -- Soon you'll die, but life will last. Foul you are and your being's foul, Cry out loud, let them shudder your howl, Life is fading away but who'll say "Alas..." -- Your life is junk, so why should it last? Kind and cruel, dark and bright, The old in deathbed, youth slain in fights, Any religion, any race and class -- They all will die, but, damn, life will last! *** You lived to be old, You was wasting your youth. Now you do feel cold In the abyss of you. And you can't understand As well I cannot Your life built on sand Whole life is not, It is not...