Fuck you
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Альтернативный рок
Второе название песни "Американская".
Fuck you Припев: Fuck you asshole, Suck my dick. Take my message, Stupid pig. Fuck your soul, And fuck your body. Fuck your mom, And fuck your daddy. I'm back, i got a new track, I got a new style, i got a some new for you and now, I want to show you,i want to see you, I want a fuck you and then i leave you. You wanna more music, you wanna more lights. Fuck you niger, fuck you guys. Hey white boy, with your white rap. Fuck Eminem, we not dead. Припев: We have no future, we have no brains. Fuck education, that what we says. What you gonna do in this fucking world. We have job, but don't have goals. Hey, partner whant you to ask, What you gonna do when he kick your ass? What you gonna do with bullet in the head? Big badda boom we all be dead. Fuck you. All be dead. Припев: Bring me up, Bring me down. What a fuck is going on. Kill me please, Kill me now. Feel my soul, Tell me how.