No One To Blame
5:01 11 0 10 лет
Альтернативный метал/Ню-метал
Homo Zombiens
Sole System
When all the bridges crossed When all the bonus lives are over And the enemy’s greens in past And the wounds are quietly bleeding The nostrils grabbing wind Who knows who will be leading And it does not matter at all Who will destroy this building Cause the one who carries stones Will never show his feelings And with the tears he drops He punishes all the living And when we leave our homes Back to the dirty stinky holes Back to the suburbs of desert Back to the gap Back to the end Instead Instead Instead There’s no way out Just fight Just fight Just fight ‘Cause home is the same And no one to blame No one to kill the day We came here The days we’ve lost To find peace Now painting walls Now rising crops and kids But who you are To finish this list To look for the middle between cold and hit Your only way is to burn All the pages not to read but to turn The ages not to leave but to learn No fucking happiness no earn No strength No love No lust No bright No trust No past No end to this stupid game And again no one to blame… Flame!