Blase Wayse
2:20 43 0 15 лет
Альтернативный рок
"Blase Wayse" It seems whole world is at Satan mercy. Ignoramuses for a long time forgot God faith. I am walking on edge of blade, Step right, step left is abyss. I am eaten back by pain, I am seized by the shame. ‘Cos I forgot my kind, ‘Cos I am damned liar. God rage by the holy light Burn my oppressing soul. Let now I scream, tomorrow I’ll get a drink. My connection with Mind to the ground razes. Besides the terrible, suicide, nocturnal thoughts Before me stays Blaseways. The ways of Damned Town – neon and deathly faces, The abnormal wears, the dirty looks – they so relentless. Through atmosphere of rancor pierce the cruel roar! I look upwards and see the Scull. Oh, it such bleak! It poison Town by Evil, it fills mind by fear, It poured streets by trash. And God source was smash! I walk down Town and feel that pressure more and more. I will be free, when my strength out flow. Now I am under gases Of God and Blazeways. How to stay clean before my conscience? How to avoid my dark revelations? I hear behind the wails – it’s the chase. I come out to battle again. To Blaseways… Oct.22.93.