Darkness made a sword of me
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Chapter VIII Darkness made a sword of me Every part of this inner vision Born from experience, events, decisions Supplements this epic canvas Weaved from infinite tinges of darkness This is the Great Work, the only passion This is the Great Work in the name of Satan Hyperborean art that slays foundations The art committed to his spirit and his will Crushing the ancient scrolls Do you hear the belfries toll? There’s no almighty in this world To bring forth new, you must destroy To dominate, first learn submit Strive thee against what one forbids Stand rigid for what you defend But I won’t believe you till you start to bleed Forged in fiery dimensions Tempered in black roaring seas Sweeping all my apprehensions Darkness made a sword of me In clarity of emotional silence I was Sharpened where carnal winds blow I only longed for victory of darkness That made of me lethiferous sword Those days, if you had eyes to see You would have noticed signs Which contained the portent Of his forthcoming demise Sophistications amused him no more Hesitations were all in the past Demonic architecture pierced Through the human mask Scorching chill within Burnt my ethic skin Killed without regret (But) bloodthirst still unfed So hollow and empty In his fulfillment Death seemed to be For him the better, the only way In the zenith of my powers I shall preach by tongue of war I cognize the delight of the struggle The loss of battles that should be won But always I was guided by darkness That made of me a sword Traveling the way to his Empire I throw my glance toward the morning star And still in my endless desire It is out of reach, blazing afar I know that final day when I will Face the choice to die or betray I will prefer to die for darkness That made of me a sword Sword is the key to heaven and hell (Lyrics and music by Aefron)