the last spring
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Verse 1 Take me away from this deception From this disgusting dream of mine. Lost in emptiness In suffering In the night so dark and hollow Lost in solitude And withering Flowing in the cloudy stream of lust Verse 2 The breath of spring so fair, so silent A sickly image of my dreams From the murderous skies The rain of tears Falls into the land of sorrow. From the emptiness of mine The silent scream Invade into the twilight Verse 3 Behold the rise of grotesque visions Coming from insanity of mine. Obsessed by venomous dreams I gaze into despair, Descend into the maze of sorrow Oppressed by the breath of spring I dive into the gloom Without a ray of hope. Chorus One moment of spring…….a moment of pain Filling my heart. One dream for the dead……a dream for the lost Falling apart. In the silent domain of flowing tears Waiting for you. In the sorrow’s embrace, sick and insane Bleeding to death.