Don't Be Sad
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Танцевальная поп-музыка
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Music, text, vocals - Disco Fire. Arranged by Disco Fire
Позитивная песенка для людей, которым тяжело и грустно на работе
Get The Power
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It’s a hard working day. You feel alone. You don’t wanna stay And work. You want to go home. But you hear your strict boss saying:”Work! Work! Work!” You are so tired And you’re so sad. You have the desire To go to bed. But don’t feel blue! Just listen to this song! Refrain Don’t give up! Don’t feel so sad! Just look around! Life’s not so bad! Just feel yourself like burning flame! Babe, it’s so easy! Oh, close your tired lonely eyes! And try to catch the paradise! Imagine, babe, the summer day! And be a dreamer! (high voices) Oh, baby, throw all sad away! And try to make the magic day! Believe, that positive will grow! Oh, babe, I know the time will show! Think about only the best! And just forget about the rest! Your pain will go away! Just fight! And everything will be all right! It will be the weekend And you will be free. You will meet your best friends And they will find the key To make you smile and live a happy life! You will understand That you are not alone Your friends will help you to stand The pain and make you strong To start new working week and to survive!