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Voices in my Head
4:53 75 1 10 лет
I am afraid only himself My thoughts for me threat I am trapped in the depths of their own brain Not destined to get me from here Over the window shining light BUT for me all this alien I am here locked hundreds of years Intolerable that feeling Scream, the cry of pain ... Our life is very easy. Around the fake person. There is no need evil in my head Scream, the cry of pain ... Each counterclaim for me murderer I bring you misery Which muchayut me I hear voices in my head .. They tell me the full d elirium .. I only ghost, fermenting in the dark. I await death, but I do not like it. Scream, the cry of pain ... Our life is complete illusion Like hell my dreams, People do not know how to dream Scream, the cry of pain ... Planet lies in false Unable to escape the trap me I will forever stay locked in their own thoughts