Out of Control
4:17 32 0 9 лет
Альтернативный метал/Ню-метал
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Homo Zombiens 2007
Sole system
Knock-knock-knock we start to play Tic-tac, clock... break the day Rock your mother, rock your dad Future proof and all dreams dead What the hell? What’s going on? You don’t know what’s right or wrong People born then people die Go away don’t waste your time! Who you are, and who am I? Questions like eskimo pie Rases fall to pieces now What’s your name, you hollow-bowl? Fight this world, and then fight the mess Save your head and keep your ass Cherish the child inside your mind Let him sleep don’t make him cry C’mon, c’mon, c’mon You feel my fire I take, take, and take Your desire Trip, trip, trip Your soul You out of control! Boom-boom-boom, can’t stop this song You’ve been drunk, been down so long Now you here and then you there Wake up, man! Let’s kill the fear! No one hear you’re little pray Are you dying everyday Then you rise again to death I want to eat your shining flesh! You losing control and burning up Seeing my face in crowded bus Listening the voices inside your head They whispering quietly: ‘All dreams dead’