08. Stumbling Block
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Прогрессивный рок/Арт-рок
Stumbling Block 2007
08 Stumbling-block And after many years of walking He made a lot of things and talking Which good for once and bad for others Was he wrong? He stays so tired upset and was along. He sent a call for God in rhyme “What will be happened in my lifetime?” He saw the only eyes in his inner screen An old lady shown the way He’d find his dream Followed on Found a home Life became still and cosy Troubles gone Woman’s warm Only sadness on his bottom Of his heart It seems to him it is the end of The cruel trips, unhappy love and His blood was calm like a slowly river Peaceful home He silly thought nothing can rise the storm He was wrong Something strong Gently touches he can’t notice In his heart Got the part Didn’t ask him, took his breath away At last So Beautiful and young Clearly looks and strong Soft feeling fills his heart He is a part and caught Oh no! So Suddenly was got What secret goal of Lord He wants to realize? So it’s surprise for him. Oh! Lord! He’s go no any strength This young power for that change Of his live Crowd of people in his mind He’s hearing loud their sound What his choice? -//- Midnight Fever What to choose Calm Love, Dreamer!? Got to loose What his got Near Crush or fly See her real Dieing in the sky -//- And afterglow he walked so slowly Has changed his mind the spring is lovely He’s made a choice Not chosen one not second place He was gone Only one Thousand things are carrying out, mean What his choice – Sound and voice Music spreading into this world Out of him…