Strange Night (поет Николай Ошурков)
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Drops of SoundCity
Every midnight I know You can't sleep. Try to hide your moarnful thoughts... Who can help our love, If we've lost all the words that we shared long ago? Now the moon is so high, I can hear every sigh, But do not wake me, honey, Sound sleep - I prefere! All the past 's like a dream time has rushed like a stream But who told you that I have to live like a hero from a film? Though I like fairy tales 'bout princesses who wait for their princes that will always win. Sorry, I don't believe and, you know, for a dream - it's too late! Raindrops will wash away All your sorrows and pain and you will not have been drawn in by playing the senceless game... And I'm ready to tell your a tail about fellings that will never die either way But It's madness... you know, Sleepless night gives way to a clear day... music and lyrics by ERO