After 2000 Years
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Музыка - Тимофей Минеев; вокал - Юрий Сахнов; текст - Павел Терентьев
Из альбома Between Heaven and Earth (2009) Вокал - Юрий Сахнов www.realmxmusic.com См. другие проекты Realm Ex Music: Rose in Chaos, Realm Ex, Аудиокино
Between Heaven and Earth
Realm Ex Music
Peering into blind and decayed heaven The stars overhead remind me of us Not further, not nearer they still strive for answer In bottomless space of this winter chasm We lose and we find, with fear and with hope We rise and we fall, with knees to the blood There’s something from angels of past generations Memory, wisdom, sorrow and love The snow kept falling right through us With trains of thought and triumphs brought But warmer lips didn’t let it last Though thousands of years have gone Aware of things that are to come, The world again begins its way One more sunset, one more sunrise That we can’t grasp for one more day, Another decade might already have gone Through which one kept fooling oneself We might have ceased, turned to stone Under the New Star expanse One second or a gesture One movement or a sight Will flash as all those year endured And burning soul inside By magnitude and measure brought That cannot be explained in full Nor seen or touched the way you want But subtly felt and understood