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Музыка - Тимофей Минеев; вокал - Екатерина Князькова, Владимир Семенищев; текст - Павел Терентьев
Из альбома Between Heaven and Earth (2009) вокал - Владимир Семенищев, Екатерина Князькова www.realmxmusic.com См. другие проекты Realm Ex Music: Rose in Chaos, Realm Ex, Аудиокино
Between Heaven and Earth (2009)
Realm Ex Music
We will depart once to a place Where dreams and hopes are born The sense is lost, it matters not That dead and torn are bonds With voices of leaves gone for ever And all those words that burned the sky Southward passing wings in heaven Leaving everyone behind No need for emotions No need for ecstatic phrases Things will come as they may No need for preludes And space in your wistful gaze Shall one spring become awake Once, by flash of inspiration And in fervor to convey, We will see it all, still fading Into dances, paints…again We are just the same as heaven Neither come, and nor we die We are just the same as heaven Now and till the end of time Still we are overcoming ashes Breaking through and standing tall When the time is passing near And the cities ruin and fall